Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting with Disaster

Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting with Disaster, a new book by Walter M. Brasch, Ph.D., provides a clear presentation of the range of the impacts of industrial shale gas production, including striking photography of life in the new gas fields.


According to independent publisher, Greeley & Stone:

“Fracking Pennsylvania is a fact-based overview of the issues surrounding the natural gas industry and fracking. Although it focuses upon the Marcellus Shale, it looks at cases and issues in other parts of the country. The book is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis of the science and engineering of the process to extract natural gas nor an extensive discussion of the economic, health, environmental, and political issues. It is meant as a basic reference to acquaint people with the issues, with the hope they will dig deeper into areas that directly concern them and rally their friends and neighbors to help protect the health and environment of the people, wildlife, and natural vegetation.”  

A social activist since the mid-1960s, Brasch is an award-winning syndicated social issues columnist whose expertise is in free expression and freedom of information issues. He is an emeritus professor of mass communications and journalism, as well as the author of 17 books, dozens of magazine articles, and the weekly column, Wanderings. Currently, he is co-founder and vice-president of the Northeast Pennsylvania Homeless Alliance and vice-president of the Central Susquehanna Chapter of the ACLU. 

His new book, Fracking Pennsylvania, is highly recommended. To download or for a hardcopy edition, please click here.



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