Action Groups: Northeastern Pennsylvania

Listings & Descriptions of Regional Organizations Opposed to Unconventional Shale Gas Drilling


Clean Water Action/PA –

Pennsylvanians get their drinking water from our state’s more than 83,000 miles of waterways, acres of lakes, reservoirs and wetlands, and a natural system of underground aquifers. Unfortunately, many of these vital water sources have been contaminated or are at risk of contamination. Despite their importance, drinking water sources receive no special protection from pollution and polluting activities in Pennsylvania! Without action, our drinking water sources are in danger.


Damascus Citizens for

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS) is a collaborative effort to preserve and protect clean air, land and water as a civil and basic human right in the face of the threat posed by the shale gas extraction industry. DCS has focused its advocacy and legal efforts to protect the Delaware River Watershed that provides drinking water for some 20 million people but increasingly has extended its efforts across the state of Pennsylvania and the entire Marcellus region. Damascus Citizens for Sustainability  is incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania as a not-for-profit organization and is recognized by the federal government as a 501 (C-3).


Delaware Riverkeeper Network –

Established in 1988, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) is a nonprofit membership organization. DRN’s staff and volunteers work throughout the entire Delaware River Watershed including portions of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York. They share a breadth of knowledge about the environment as well as expertise specific to rivers and watersheds. DRN provides effective environmental advocacy, volunteer monitoring programs, stream restoration projects and public education. In addition, DRN goes to court when necessary to ensure enforcement of environmental safety laws. The DRN is a touchstone resource for many water advocacy groups. DRN volunteers are also working to support the FRAC Act, which would remove the gas and oil industry’s exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the BREATHE Act in both the House of Representatives and the Senate in this legislative session.



Citizens for Clean Water is a group of people, mostly Susquehanna County residents, who came together through the Susquehanna Co. Gas Forum. This website is designed and maintained by CCW volunteers who see the need for a public site in addition to that forum.


Protecting Our Waters

“Protecting Our Waters is a Philadelphia-based grassroots alliance committed to protecting the Delaware River Basin, the state of Pennsylvania, and our region from unconventional gas drilling and other threats to our drinking water, environment, and public health.”
Recent Actions:
This Philadelphia-based activist group maintains a wildly informative blog about fracking, and sponsors and publicizes events, demonstrations and artful street performances designed to spread the message that fracking should be banned. Last Spring, POW organized the River to River March, and on June 7, 2011, they joined other action groups to organize hundreds of water activists to flood to the rotunda in the state house. It became the largest environmental demonstration in Pennsylvania to date. POW is currently organizing the next big protest in Philadelphia on September 7th & 8th to coincide and collide with the upcoming Marcellus Shale Coalition’s gas industry trade show.


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  1. #1 by Dory Hippauf on January 16, 2013 - 1:42 pm

    Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition (GDAC)
    Luzerne County PA
    The Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition, Inc. of Luzerne County, based in
    Dallas, PA, is a non-profit community educational association, whose
    members are concerned with the negative effects of the Industrial Process
    of Drilling for Natural Gas in PA. We are citizens from all walks of life.


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